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July 31st 2014

4 hours ago

★ Salman Khan at the trailer launch of ‘Roar’ at PVR (Juhu; July 31 2014) !

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July 31st 2014

4 hours ago

Scene-stealer Nawazuddin Siddiqui on Finally Getting to Play a Millionaire !

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July 31st 2014

4 hours ago

★ Neil Nitin Mukesh gets his ears pierced for Prem Ratan Dhan Payo !

July 31, 2014 | Srishti Dixit
Neil Nitin Mukesh gets his ears pierced for Prem Ratan Dhan Payo
The makers of the Salman Khan starrer wanted Neil to sport a certain look for which the actor agreed…

Neil Nitin Mukesh was given an option to sport clip-on studs for his look in the upcoming Salman Khan-Sonam Kapoor starrer Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. But being a true-blue professional Neil decided to actually get pierced so as to wear proper baalis for the role.

Quite interestingly, Neil’s co-star and main lead in the film Salman Khan also sportedbaalis in the past. Neil too likes his look from the film so much that he is sporting thebaalis offscreen as well.

Now we aren’t sure if Neil will be sporting the same baalis as Salman but it will certainly be interesting to see the New York actor in a the new avatar.

bollywood life

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July 31st 2014

4 hours ago

★ Anmol Jewellers launches its first advertising film; screens it alongside Bollywood movie Kick !

July 31, 2014

Leading jewellery manufacturing and retail entity Anmol Jewellers has created its first advertising film, and aired it in theatres in Mumbai, in conjunction with Bollywood film ‘Kick’ starring Bollywood ace actor Salman Khan.

The film Kick was aired in theatres beginning July 25th, just prior to Eid celebrations.

Anmol’s new advertisement centres around the emotion of realising the true beauty of life, through emotional moments shared with loved ones. It touches on the unconditional love and warmth of a relationship, the bliss of sharing which binds the relation and which forms memories to relive the feeling of togetherness.

The emotions are executed through the ‘eyes’ of a visually impaired girl, who considers her bridal jewellery not only as a special piece to adorn but an expression of the excitement and nervousness of becoming a bride. Her jewellery becomes an integral character. The advertisement conveys that the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt within’, like the heart-warming experiences of one’s life, and the experience of beautiful jewellery is just as ‘Anmol.

The advertisement was aired at PVR Multiplex located in Mumbai’s Juhu and Phoenix Mall and Globus theatre, also in Mumbai.

“The idea behind this Ad Film was not just to showcase our work and designs but to tell our audience that apart from attention given to detail in design and quality materials, passion and emotion is something we weave into our creations. ” Mr. Ishu Datwani, Founder, Anmol Jewellers. Strategically launched on the eve of Eid and the wedding season, Anmol Jewellers brings in the festive season.

diamond world

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July 31st 2014

7 hours ago

★ “I call Salman Khan Son, he calls me Grandson” - Sajid Nadiadwala !

 Subhash K. Jha, Jul 31, 2014
Sajid Nadiadwala, Salman 

Producer Sajid Nadiadwala who produced three big hits in 2014 has just made his hugely successful directorial debut with Kick. He tells Subhash K Jha why he has a lot to celebrate.

This Eid was very special for you?
Salman Khan and I had released Judwaa 17 years ago. At that time, the trade didn’t pay attention to festive releases. In fact during Christmas, distributors would refuse to take delivery of films because it was too cold in North India. Now there is a clamour for Christmas releases. Likewise during Eid the trade was afraid to release films because of Ramzan. Times have changed. 

So Salman and you in Eid 2016? 
I hope not! I am not keen to direct again unless Salman asks me to. I am grateful to God. To have four successful films in a year. Now I need to get back to work right after celebrating Eid on Tuesday. I also want to spend some time with my sons before their school starts. I haven’t seen them for six months. 

Kick is a roaring success. Did you expect this kind of response to the film? 
Salman is Salman. You can’t question his stardom. The trade experts are looking at a box office figure of Rs 250 crores. 

Do you think that’s a realistic figure? 
Salman’s last Eid release Ek Tha Tiger had done a business of about 190 crores when they had one holiday. Anything above what Salman Khan’s last Eid release did is good enough for me as a debutant director. 

Who says you are a debutant director? 
I know. No one is willing to evaluate me as debutant director. That’s unfair. Sachin Tendulkar is an exceptional cricketer. But if you put him on the other side and ask him to bowl or become a wicket keeper and expect him to get the same kind of laurels, that would be unrealistic, no? 

Perhaps. But then you’ve been a closet director for many years? 
I wouldn’t have turned director if Salman Khan wasn’t such a dear friend and if he had not told me to direct Kick. I was like a child who had to prove himself in his examination, not for the sake of his teacher but his family. Luckily I had a good producer with me. 

Sajid Nadiadwala

Yes, Sajid Nadidwala has never been known to deprive his directors? 
I could trust this producer blindly. He is never known to say no to anything to any director. So I had a reliable producer and a superstar to support my directorial plans. Baaqi toh main koi anari ttha nahin. I’ve grown up on the sets of the films produced by my family. I didn’t have to do anything new as a director. Farq itna ttha ke mujhe 6 baje uthna padhta ttha (I had to get up at 6 am). I had to be on the sets before anyone else. As a producer, I could saunter in at lunch-time. I’ve to say it wouldn’t have been possible to direct Kick without a fantastic team. 

Shirish Kunder was supposed to direct Kick?
Yes. It was Salman Khan’s idea that I turn director with Kick. He didn’t suggest it to me nor ask me. He just told me, ‘Do it’. No questions asked. Once I decided to do it, it was very important for me to live up to mine and Salman’s expectations. The producer in me had taken a backseat. The numbers, collections and profits did matter. But I wasn’t thinking about them while directing Kick. I was only focusing on making a film that the audience would approve of. I was the producer and the director. But I was more bothered about getting it right as the director. The producer already knew his job. 

At what point did you actually begin to feel the pressure of having to deliver something really bigger than the normal Salman-Eid release? 
After the first promo. That’s when it hit me that Kick was being seen as something more than a Salman-Eid film. I was told Kick had an international feel to it. I wanted Kick to be judged favourably against action films abroad. And I feel we succeeded in that. 

Salman Khan has gone on record to say you are the friend he would turn to if he ever needed money? 
It came as a very moving surprise. I’ve never spoken about my friendship with Salman. Neither has he. I call him Son, he calls me Grandson. Everything else is unspoken between us. Salman Khan is not the kind to talk about his feelings. For him to say something like this meant a whole lot to me. It’s also a big responsibility for me. I had decided I wouldn’t direct a film again. But now if Salman asks me, I’ll have no choice. I can never say no to him. Salman Khan is a giver never a taker. For him to ask for something is a very big thing. 

What has direction taught you? 
To respect my directors even more. I’ve always respected my director. Now I’ll do so more. The experience has left me physically exhausted. After 27 years in the movie business I had to be up at 5 am till 7 pm, to deal with an international crew for the stunts, to coordinate with various teams…and still complete the film in just 6 months. 

How did you manage it? 
I’ll tell you something. Salman Khan and I were not sure we could make it by the Eid deadline. But we thought we’d give it a try on condition that if we couldn’t make it on time we would not hesitate in postponing the film. It was an uncertain situation. We just went on doing our work.10 days before release we were shooting a song. 3 days before we released we were still doing the mixing. That’s how close we cut it. 

Sajid Nadiadwala

While you were busy directing Kick, Lai Bhaari the Marathi film that you wrote became a super-hit. How did that happen? 
My contribution to Lai Bhaari is the plot concept, the beginning, middle and end. It has broken all records in Marathi cinema. 

So Lai Bhaari, plus 4 films as a producer all hits in 2014. That makes you the most successful producer of all times, doesn’t it? 
God, that’s scary! My wish is, that I do better work next year. But one can’t plan success. It happens, just like failure. Taqdeer laata hai dimaagh ganwaata hai. I never planned the successes this year. All the seeds that had been planted during the earlier years like Highway and 2 States came to fruition this year. But to me the best experience as a producer was the launching of Tiger Shroff in Heropanti. Launching a boy and a girl was like giving birth to twins. And at the same time, I was launching myself as a director. Just goes to show when it rains it pours. Earlier I had launched many directors. 

What are your productions in 2015? 
There is Phantom directed by Kabir Khan with Katrina Kaif and Saif Ali Khan, then Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha with Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. Then I’ve Housefull 3 directed by Sajid-Farhad. Finally, there is the second film with Tiger directed by Sabbir Khan. 

Are you willing to forgive those directors who have betrayed you? 
Where is the time to sit and sulk? There are just 52 Fridays for films to release every year, and so many films. Clashes are bound to happen. The fights between two filmmakers are like my two sons fighting. They are forgotten in no time. It’s like a sister not tying a rakhi on her brother for one year. They don’t stop becoming siblings. 

How is your rapport with Farah and Sajid Khan? 
Farah Khan was one of the first to wish me for Kick. Her brother Sajid also wished me. 

What will you direct next? 
There will be no next time for a long time, unless Salman Khan pushes me again. I am too laidback for direction. I’ve so many productions to look into every year. People are already planning their releases in 2019.Kahaani nahin bani aur release date announce ho rahi hai. I need to buck up. 

What according to you works at the box office? 
If you make what you like seeing it will work. When I read Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States, I got that feeling. I feel good about my life and career. God has been kind. 

What special event do you have lined up for next Eid? 
Eid is special whether I’ve a release or not.
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July 31st 2014

7 hours ago

★ “Even after Race 2’s success, I was worried, disappointed” - Jacqueline Fernandez on her low phase !

Joginder Tuteja, Jul 31, 2014
Jacqueline Fernandez
Kick is a solid success and while it is already the biggest grosser of the year inside first week, a lot more is expected to be added to the eventual total, hence ensuring that 200 crore milestone is not too far away. While for Salman Khan, this is his seventh 100 crore affair in a row, producer-director Sajid Nadiadwala has made a flashy beginning with the highest total ever for a debutant, while en route to eclipse Arbaaz Khan’s record of Dabangg 2 which made 155 crores. Meanwhile for Jacqueline Fernandez, who had a good contribution to make in the film, this is her third century after Housefull 2 and Murder 2.

You are on a good trip, isn’t it? 
Well honestly, it is yet to sink in. I don’t know how to react. Almost a week has passed by and I am still numb. Guess there was so much hype surrounding the film ever since its announcement that I managed to control my emotions right through. I keep getting congratulatory calls, there are absolute strangers meeting me and saying ‘hi’, the adulation is just different from whatever I have experienced in my short career so far. 

I hear that audience is throwing ‘chillar’ on screen when your song ‘Jumme Ki Raat' plays on screen. The last time it happened was perhaps for Kimi Katkar's 'Jumme Chumma De De' act with Amitabh Bachchan in Hum
Really? Wow, that’s news. I must have been a little kid back then. How much I love that song though and now to have one such popular number to my name is a different thing altogether. Some of my fans did share with me videos of people dancing in the aisles when ‘Jumme Ki Raat' was being played. I really want to check out theaters myself and see the reactions. Perhaps I will step into one in a day or two. 

After a debut in Aladin years ago, guess it is patience that has paid off well for you, isn’t it Jackie? 
It is very magical what has happened. It is a fairy tale no less and yes, the patience has for sure paid off. I don’t think a movie with Salman would have ever come to me. While signing movies, I used to weigh my options practically. Yes, I was being choosy but then I didn’t wish to rush up anything either. 

One would have expected you to be on a signing spree though after Race 2 and Murder 2. In an industry like Bollywood which is so unpredictable, you must have been tempted to pick up intermittent offers. How difficult was it to resist this temptation? 
As a matter of fact after Race 2, I was quite disappointed. That’s because even though the film had done so well, I wasn’t getting many good offers. I wanted to wait for a couple of months and then decide whether I should pick up the next film that came my way. Honestly, I was getting a little bit worried. The only movie that came next was Roy, which was great. Then came Kick and I was relieved. 

That must have been something. 
Right. (Laughs) In fact I was shouting so much after getting the offer that my friend’s dog came and bit me. He was so surprised and there I was, who didn’t even feel the bite! I was so ecstatic that I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. Last time I had seen Salmans Khan, it was on the Big Boss and here was I was getting ready to shoot with him. 

Now it is a known fact that you have a substantial role in the film. However back then were you worried if you would actually get enough screen time in a Salman Khan starrer? 
I knew that I had a role to play and I won’t deny that I was under immense pressure. However, that only made me more focused. I was constantly working on my lines, styling and look. I was making sure how I looked in front of the camera. I left no stones unturned for my dubbing since this time around I most definitely wanted my own voice to be heard on screen. 

Guess Sajid Nadiadwala supported you well all through the shoot as well. 
The way he was on the sets, it seemed like he had been directing for years. I never felt like being with someone who was tough or intimidating. I was extremely comfortable working with him as he never makes you feel nervous. He is a very positive guy. 

And now you begin work with another debutant director Vikramjit Singh for Roy
Yes, I start shooting in the month of August. It is in an altogether different space when compared to Kick. That should be something.
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July 31st 2014

9 hours ago
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★ Kick Scores Fabulously At The Overseas Box Office As Well !

Salman Khan starrer Kick has already taken the domestic box office by storm. The film, which is currently thehighest grosser of 2014 in just five days, has reasons to smile in the overseas circuit too. This Sajid Nadiadwala film has been doing excellent business overseas and currently stands with a total of whopping 33.17 crores gross at the International market.

In its five days run, the film collected 2.6 crores in Pakistan. In New Zealand, the film has made a business of 54.88 lacs so far. In Australia, it has collected 2 crores till Tuesday.

Jacqueline Fernandez in a still from movie ‘Kick’

In the UK circuit, the film did extremely well by collecting 6.53 crores till Tuesday. Canada too was well received with a collection of 1.83 crores. Also USA had a good business of 6.68 crores.

The action drama has been wooing the audiences internationally too, and will surely pick up even more further, thanks to the NO RELEASE week this time around!


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July 31st 2014

9 hours ago

★ Kick Goes Over 20 Crore Nett Again On Wednesday !

Thursday July 31 2014

Kick had another day where its collections went over 20 crore nett. It was the fifth time that the film went over 20 crore nett which is a record as it collected 20.50 crore nett. The business of the film in six days is nearly 141 crore nett

There are many circuits playing catch up as they missed some business pre Eid and Mumbai was fantastic as it grossed 6.50 crore nett on Wednesday just 50 lakhs nett less than the day before. Some stations even had a better collections than Monday.

There will be a drop today but the film is sure to go over 150 crore nett in week one and will be the second film to achieve this feat after Dhoom 3.


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July 31st 2014

10 hours ago
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★ Exclusive: Jacqueline Fernandez answers fans’ questions!

July 30, 2014 | Srishti Dixit
Exclusive: Jacqueline Fernandez answers fans’ questions!

On getting the perfect picture

Fan @Aliahussain_X, @Being_Houda asked: Did Salman gift a painting to you?

Jacky says, “Yes, he gifted me a painting of horses, its beautiful. I love horses so it was perfect. He is such a gifted artist, and its awesome to see him sketch. He does a lot of spiritual figures as well.”

On the big compliment

Fan @krunalmevada8 asked: What did Karan Johar tell you after watching Kick?

Jacky says, “He told he really loved my work and that was an awesome feeling to get a compliment from Karan. I have even taken a screen grab of his tweet and saved it! Feels great to be complimented by someone you look forward to working with some day.”

On getting her Kick

Fan @chulbullilasha asked: You reaction to the success of Kick?

Jacky says,”It hasn’t sunk in yet, but its an amazing feeling. I am really sad that the movie is over and I no longer have to promote it. I didn’t expect this kind of a reaction, so the feeling is awesome!”

On working with Salman Khan

Fan @beingkajenian asked: How was your time shooting with Salman?

Jacky says, “It was really good, I got to learn a lot from him. He’s an amazing person to work with.”

bollywood life

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July 30th 2014

14 hours ago
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★ (Huge) Happy Tenth Anniversay of *Mujhse Shaadi Karogi* !

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