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July 25th 2014

2 hours ago
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★ Kick Has Extraordinary Start Considering Pre Eid !

July 25, 2014

Kick has taken an excellent opening of 70-75% on average. The start is extraodinary considering it is is pre Eid. Some places have taken that 90-100% start but other places are lower. Despite it being Pre Eid the opening is similar to the initial of Dhoom 3 and Chennai Express but those films maintained well throughout the day even on the odd show timings.

This will be tough for Kick as many multiplexes have lower rates in the morning so that brings in a big audience and Muslim dominated cities will see lower collections after the first day first show craze subsides at single screens. The opening in the morning is like a 30 crore nett plus first day but as mentioned above pre Eid is likely to hit it at some point of the day.

Krrish 3 was released on pre Diwali and the initial of Kick is far better than that film and if the first day collections come out over 25 crore nett it will be phenomenal.


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July 25th 2014

2 hours ago

★ More celebs at the screening of Salman Khan’s #Kick !

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July 25th 2014

2 hours ago
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★ Sajid Nadiadwala, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nawazuddin Siddiqui at the screening of Salman Khan’s Kick !

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July 25th 2014

3 hours ago

Special Screening Of Salman Khan’s ‘Kick’ (July 24, 2014) !

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July 25th 2014

3 hours ago

★ Kick is a tribute to Salman Khan’s persona, says film’s writer !

Harneet Singh | July 25, 2014

With ‘Kick’, Rajat Arora hopes to recreate the same success of ‘The Dirty Picture’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai’.

Salman Khan brings in his superstar persona in all his roles. While writing Kick, how did you make sure the character’s voice did not get lost with the noise of his stardom?
Basically, you have to write for a character. At one point you have to forget who is playing the character. My writing can never match Salman sir’s stardom but as a writer I have to justify his stardom.

How did you come up with the defining dialogue of Kick— “Mere bare mein itna mat sochna, dil mein aata hoon, samajh mein nahin”?
Kick is a tribute to Salman’s persona. The character of Devil is very much like Salman in real life. So while writing, I blended these two thoughts. The line came quite late in the day but once I got it, I knew we have got the film. This dialogue best summarises the film.

Salman is known to make a lot of suggestions in the writing process, especially in terms of giving inputs for dialogues. How did you take that? Are you possessive about your lines?
Yes, I’m possessive about my lines as every writer should be but I’m not an egoistical writer. If someone comes up with a better line, I’ll be stupid to reject it. Ultimately all the credit will go to me. I’m quite selfish that way. I don’t like sharing my credit. Jokes aside, filmmaking is all about collaboration. Even while making music, the director tells the music director that he wants changes in the composition. If a music composer can take suggestions, why can’t a writer? I have learnt a lot from Salman sir while working with him. His wisdom and zeal to work hard is inspiring. In this industry we always wonder about the talented few who didn’t make it. We will always wonder, ‘Woh banda kaafi talented tha par chala kyun nahin?’ With time, you realise that he didn’t click for a reason, there were some issues. When you work with superstars, you understand why there is euphoria about them. You see the huge effort they put in, the way they work with the team and make everyone give their best.

As a writer, what gives you a kick?
In four years, I’ve only written four films (Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai, The Dirty Picture, Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai Dobaara and Kick) which is atypical. Usually people write four films in one year, I need to be more prolific. The thing with me is that I want to say even a mundane line like ‘Kya haal hai’ in a new way. If I can’t find new words for this then I want to say it in a new way. My goal in life is to become an adjective. People should say — that was so Rajatesque or that’s a little too Rajatsian for my taste.

quotes from indian express

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July 25th 2014

3 hours ago
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★ (Zee Cinestars’ clip) First Time: Salman Khan Sings for Jacqueline Fernandez !

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July 25th 2014

3 hours ago
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★ Lets Go Guys, Get Your KICK With SALMAN KHAN!! STORMING from Today In Theaters Worldwide!!!!!

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July 25th 2014

3 hours ago

★ Kick Movie Reviews !

(glamsham) Kick - Salmantainment Mubarak

Vishal Verma,  [Friday, July 25, 2014]


What is it all about?

A bang on collusion of riotous Salmanisims, romance, comedy and high adrenaline actionisims, This Sajid Nadiadwala and UTV Motion Pictures prestige Eid release is a vibrantly rampant celebration of Salman Khan’s super-stardom.

This two hours twenty six minutes delirious mix of B-town escapisms and buffoonery romanticism is insistently entertaining for Salman Khan fans and entertainment hungry souls in general underlining the debut of Sajid Nadiadwala as a director of ‘mass’ entertainer while ‘class’ seekers in their designer knickers will be left wondering the logic behind this Salmanian Hustle’.

This big -hearted Eid release (5,000 screens in as well as 42 other countries including non-traditional markets like France, Germany, Morocco and Maldives) starring Salman Khan has the capacity to ‘tout’ itself as the box office phenomenon of the year.

The Story

Sajid Nadiadwala ropes in Rajat Arora, Keith Gomes and himself along with Chetan Bhagat (as additional screenplay and writer) in the remake of the 2009 Telugu film of the same name directed by Surender Reddy staring Ravi Teja.

Knowing to search for novelty or artistic quality in a script starring Salman Khan is a joke, the writers start as per the prescriptions ordered by doctors of B-town escapisms in their Hindi adaptation of the Telugu blockbuster. Starting with psychiatrist Shaina (Jacqueline Fernandez) just out from a break up with Devi Lal Singh (Salman Khan) a born for ‘Kicks’ personality whose only mantra in life is to have ‘kick’ in whatever he does no matter how weirdly and madly it comes (elaborating further will act as spoilers) circumstances for a new ‘Kick’ in life separates Devi and Shaina.

On a train journey in Warsaw, Shaina meets Himanshu (Randeep Hooda), a police officer from India to discuss their prospective marriage. Both are reluctant to enter into an arranged union but become friends and strike a deep conversation where Shaina reveals her previous relationship with Devi.

Himanshu in turn shares his escapades as a police officer with an intelligent thief called ‘Devil’ who is always being one up against him.

Who is Devil and how is he connected with Shaina, Devi and Himanshu. What is his agenda?

All this is revealed after some romance, some dance, gripping action, comedy and lots and lots of ‘Salmanisims’ in this out and out entertainer.

What to look out for

After putting his successful stamp as a producer with remarkable understanding of the audience pulse Sajid Nadiadwala dons the hat of a director and comes out with entertaining colours.’

The love for over the top ‘David Dhawan’ type buffoonery is evident with a hurl of Karan Johar type sweetness in romanticisms poured in - watch the opening sequence and ‘Tu Hi Tu’ song, plus his own ability to carve an entertainer that carries immense expectations to crowd pleasing satisfaction in his debut attempt is not a mean task.

Here in ‘Kick’ Sajid with great help from his writers Rajat Arora, Keith Gomes and Chetan Bhagat ensure that the screenplay is not affected by Salman Khan’s ‘hangover’ and other actors do get their chance to ‘kick’ their part to achieve the common goal.

Sajid knows his art as a director and establishes the moments for the audience. Starting the movie with a smooth introduction of Jacqueline drawing interest of the audience and preparing the platform for Salman Khan’s ‘Dhamakedar’ entry setting the mood of the audience for a colourful bollywood feast.

Filled with crowd pleasing hilarious situations and adrenaline actions with right amount of emotions and drama thrown in the writers hardly leave a dull moment during the film two hours twenty six minutes running time.

Blessed by gigantic star power of Salman Khan who is in one word ‘terrific’ giving his fans immense joy in this festive season. Looking cool and ultra fit in those colour jeans and that ‘Devil’ mask Salman Khan is a killer over here.

Looking gorgeous and sexy in the ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ moves Jacqueline Fernandez gives her best till date.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is brilliant comes at the right time this highly talented actor spins a major surprise.

Randeep Hooda gives a controlled performance. Mithun Chakraborty is fantastic and it’s such a delight to see Dada dance. Archana Puran Singh is convincingly loud and clear.

Sanjay Mishra and Saurabh Shukla never fail to entertain. Nargis Fakhri in the dance number looks hot. Vipin Sharma is fine.

Cinematography by Ayananka Bose is eye pleasing. Himesh Reshammiya had already given a winner in ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ all other songs look good on screen. Julius Packiam background score is adequate.

Production values are of highest standards.

What not

The script suffers from escapist’s cinema’s convenience and things are over the top. Jumme Ki Raat is popular but it appears to be forcefully added.

Conclusion: Fit for a solid escapist ‘Salmani’ treat, Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Kick’ is entertainingly designed to ‘click’ for Salman and Bollywood masala you have always loved. Go and get the ‘Kick’ at your nearest theatre.

Rating ****



★ Bend it like Sajid…KICK it like Salman !

Rajat Srivastav | July 24, 2014

You really don’t want to read it if you are part of Salmania and this time around Salmania will take over the naysayers and detractors too.

Biggest surprise, the Shirt stays on!!! In fact he rebukes plain iron pumping and inspires bravado in one of the many gems in the screenplay.

This time, he has challenged none other than the Big B- Filmy Property Right (FPR) as he has attempted to reprise all the below gems;

  • Linguistic ability from Lawaaris (Remember the fight scene where Big B talks in seven different languages).
  • Running commentary combined with a fight scene from Sharaabi (As Big B goes back to settle scores with the goons in the bar).
  • Forget your own address in stupor as in Muqaddar ka Sikandar (As big B forgets his own house each time he gets drunk).
  • Get drunk and repeat like Satte Pe Satta (Daarun peene se liver…).

Even his mask reminded me of the lesser known Ajooba and not Krissh…!

Having said that, when you pay homage to the master-blaster of entertainment, you run the risk of getting haul over the coals. But hats off to both the friends (Sajid and Salman) for pulling it off humbly and cleverly.

Director Sajid ups too many antes for Bollywood as alongside Amitabism, he packs in enough opulence and grandiose in this juggernaut called KICK, a masala action thriller that takes a while to get roaring and kicking but eventually crackles and you know I know, will definitely guffaw all its way to the bank . And Salman Khan…Bends and blends it like nobody else!! Make no mistake, he’s ready to rob the glory of all the erstwhile Dhoom robbers.

The Dhoom think-tank will rethink and redesign all their future strategies for sure!! The stakes will skyrocket!

 Hiccups do come in the form of a few stretched sequences as in the beginning of first and third installment of the movie, logic will also take its place below the back-seat, some characters introduced do not see light of the day as they blink and miss and the shirtless avatar doesn’t surface too..! But Salman Khan who has already scaled dizzy heights in mediocrity will this time not disappoint even the strictest of trade analysts and will surely woo for awards with this act.

Screen-writing also takes a u-turn from the ordinary with the likes of Chetan Bhagat at the helm as does the dialog writing which borders between corny and clap-worthy. Some action sequences are show-cased like never seen before. Songs already a craze are amplified as you see them on the silver screen.  Script never runs out of gas and implants a new idea as soon as you begin to predict. So a few mind-games with the viewer too!

With heavy weight actors like Nawazuddin and Hooda, Salman Khan’s acting only shines brighter. Randeep Hooda surpasses his Jannat 2 and Risk cop show and kicks it hard too. Nawazuddin is a scene stealer as he breathes in fresh venom in the second hour. Perhaps a bit more perk than those filmy song lyrics would have helped.  Nonetheless a treat. Jacqueline does a Katrina whether it’s the looks, the dance or the accent…Perfect eye candy for an action thriller, who acts too. Mithun’s screen-time could have been crisper and more effective. Salmania all the way, anyway !

The hallmark of a good movie is that a viewer wishes that it goes on and on..!

Kick is one such movie and easily the best seen so far in 2014. The pole vault has been up scaled for Bang Bang, PeeKay and of course Happy New Year. As Salman says..Hangover does remain!

Lastly .. Iska logic samajhne ki koshish mat karna, Neither do we care, Nor will the Box-office!



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July 25th 2014

3 hours ago
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★ (Paper) Kick, your Eid watch is here !

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July 25th 2014

3 hours ago
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★ ‘Hero’ Salman turns ‘Devil’ !

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